The BKH aims to be an open repository of tools and services for FAIR data that are interlinked through a varied and increasing number of services created by the scientific community to support excellent science.

As it was created to support a newly emerging community of users of interlinked corpora of data, services, and knowledge across the entire biodiversity research cycle, it also needed to be accompanied by training on its usage as well as in-depth instructions on using its linked services.

The Biodiversity Knowledge Hub Training Platform was therefore launched to support BKH users in navigating the various tools and services and facilitate their use. And training materials were specifically designed to guide and instruct on the best use of the products, and to guide and support users to access biodiversity data interlinked through the published literature and between the data classes, using the BKH.

The training materials are the result of a collaborative effort among the partners of the BiCIKL project, based on the assessment of user needs conducted during the project.

Since potential users of the BKH come from various backgrounds and levels of expertise, the Training Platform is designed in a way that allows its users either to start from the very beginning or use it in a more targeted manner, focusing on specific modules.

As of now, the BKH Training Platform contains two resources, each consisting of multiple modules:

  1. The  Introduction to BKH Course, focusing on understanding the functionalities offered by the BKH (introductory module) and its linked data services (each service with its dedicated module). This is a general module for all BKH (Introduction to BKH) users that describes the available services, including the best practices and recommendations for further use.
  2. The  Data Liberation and Publishing Tools Course, a more advanced training Course serving as an example of an in-depth version of one of the multiple services featured on the BKH. This is a detailed module on Data liberation and Publishing tools.